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Single Page Applications (SPA) also known as Single Page Interface (SPI) is a website or a web application that fits on a single page. Over the past few years, we have seen the trend towards one-page or single page websites design grows many thanks to the introduction of HTML5 and jQuery, which make it easy to build stunning websites with many transitions and effects. Building a one page website can sometimes be more complex that a website with multiple pages because you only have a single page to get your message across or display your work/product. It is best to break the site up into multiple sections, if you need to, and display them as the user scrolls the site – rather than fitting everything into the ‘fold’. This makes it easier to read, and also builds anticipation as the user scrolls.

The best way to show respect towards your customers, is to not waste their time. By keeping a lightweight and simplistic layout, loading speeds will be drastically improved. In most cases, single page portfolios or business sites will overshadow their complex, multi-page counterparts.

single page websites are often seen taking advantage of JavaScript and jQuery to create dynamic effects like vertical and horizontal navigation options, to implement custom scrolling techniques for opening and closing different parts of the site, as well as the integration of Parallax web design; which can turn your one-page website into a stunning work of art by itself. Parallax also allows to use your one-page website as a vessel of transmitting an interactive story that will leave a lasting impression on those who interact with it. Single page websites are known to appeal to customers and visitors in general because they tend to keep the fluff out, and thus make it easier to understand the purpose of what you are trying to sell, or promote.

Benefits of Single Page Website Design

  • Mobile friendly
  • Users will like the way it is designed
  • Need not be rich in text
  • Breaking all myths of scrolling above the fold
  • Pageless looks great on all devices
  • It’s Affordable
  • Fluidity in design
  • It decreases bounce rates and encourages sharing
  • It makes iteration easier, faster and more effective
  • It yields higher conversion rates
  • It’s viscerally and emotionally satisfying
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