Google Analytics is undoubtedly the most widely used web analytics application. Over years Google Analytics managed to gain on popularity because of its simplicity and many advanced features for curious site owners and professional marketers.

Google Analytics can generate up to 85 different reports that will help you analyze all possible data regarding your website traffic. It tracks how many visitors see your site or the number of page views. it also can be used to see which content gets the most visits, time on site per visit, which ads are running the most viewers to your website.  Google Analytics track the performances of your marketing campaigns, including AdSense, AdWords and emails and much more. It is an easy to understand and use the full power of Google Analytics.

Google Analytics Tracking Code

Google Analytics will only track pages that contain the Google Analytics tracking code.  For tracking needs to be added small Javascript snippet to each page on your site either manually or through the use of tools or plugins. You will find some tools and plug-in to help you do this near the bottom of this post.

If you wish to manually install the code into your  web pages, copy and paste the code section into the bottom of your content, immediately before the body tag of all pages that you want to track.