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The use of mobile devices to surf websites is rapidly growing at an enormous pace, but most websites are not optimized for such mobile devices. There is a constraint of display size on mobile devices, as a distinct approach is needed on however the content is laid out on mobile screens. An array of screen sizes are offered these days, across phones, tablets and desktops. With the new inventions and technology every day, screen sizes will keep changing, so it is necessary that your website adapts to any and all kinds of screen sizes.

A responsive website has the capability to adapt to the device being used. Mostly websites were designed to be viewed on a full screen like desktop monitor or laptop. When accessed through small screens like smart phones, some parts of the pages are not viewed properly. This can be very irritating and tiresome and annoying, especially to the viewers who has very less time to spare. The solution to this hurdle is by designing a website that can be easily viewed on smaller screens as it is in wide screen monitors.

Responsive Web Design responds to the need of user by changing the layout of website according to the device being used. The layout changes as per the capabilities and size of the device.

Responsive web design changes the appearance of a website dynamically, looking on the screen size of the device getting used. The technology uses breakpoints to determine how the layout of the website will appear: one design is used above and another below that break-point. The breakpoints are usually depend on the dimension of the browser.

Webicompanyz introduced this service keeping in mind client needs of wanting to have mobile versions of their websites – one design each for Net-book, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry etc. Since having so many versions is impractical and losing visitors while shifting from one to another devices is not an option, Webicompanyz introduced Responsive Web Design and services This is a best solution to the problem of designing a website for a number of devices available to customers and in market, ranging from smartphones to big desktop monitors.

Responsive website includes following services:

  • Designing responsive website layouts
  • Designing personalized website features
  • Designing unique artworks and graphics
  • Creating database driven web applications
  • Building mobile friendly systems with advanced location integration
  • Developing distinctive presentations/slide shows and social networking integration

Responsive Web Design is essential for business growth as it makes users come back to a website repeatedly. It certainly lacked the aesthetics, user-friendliness and the convenience to impress the visitor. We as a Responsive Web Design Company in India have designed many Responsive websites in the last few years.

Why should you go for Responsive Website Design?

  • The range of mobile visitors are increasing at an increasing rate
  • Cisco predicts there will be above 700 million mobile users at the end of 2015
  • You just have to build, maintain and market one website

Advantage of responsive web design:

Going for responsive web design enable your website get adjusted based on the device and screen resolution used by the visitor. This should be done with not compromising users experience.

Also responsive websites avoid duplicasy of content by keeping a single copy of your website online and it will helps to maintain a SEO friendly website resulting in improved positions for business centric key phrases.

Responsive web design is an industrial standard, When a customer’s comes for designing his website we strongly recommend to go for responsive websites.

If you have plans to design a new responsive website or going for revamping existing website into a responsive one please keep in touch with us.

How Can Responsive Web Design Enhance Your Business

In traditional marketing, for significant impact, businesses would launch advertising campaigns that will reach the maximum number of people. The principle stays true to the internet marketing. Building a website is basically aimed at making an online presence. As more people are accessing the net using a variety of gadgets, it is only sensible that you adjust to the trend of internet usage.

How a responsive website design can help your business:

  • Concentration on one website – Mobile websites were offered to capture Smart phone users. That means that you create a website for small screen viewers. This is a different version of the main website. The Responsive website designers can give you with a user friendly, easy to navigate website designed
  • Maximize Online Presence – Without responsive design a well-designed and well-marketed website will not work with mobile users. Traffic will be high, so as your bounce rate.
  • No Duplicate Content – Build different websites to response different devices could also mean duplicated content. To solve this problem, you will need to come up with different sets of content which might confuse your viewers.
  • Lower Costs – You only need to market, maintain and support one website that will work for all your customers, effectively cutting down on your operating costs.
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