PPC Advertising stands for (Pay per Click) it is an Online Advertising system. These advertisements can be visible on search engines or on content based websites. For search engine’s advertisers have to bid for keywords contingent to their destination market. Content sites commonly charged a fixed price per click for advertisement.

WebiCompanyz; SEO Company India is amongst the most affordable and successful advertising and marketing campaigns on the Internet. PPC is a very strongest advertising method and it can help you start build a strong customer base. The best thing in all this being that you are required to pay only for the number of clicks your ads receive irrespective of the time limit for which they have been posted or views they get.

WebiCompanyz have own set of PPC professionals who are ready about their work. These strategies are devised keeping in mind current trends and process of the leading search engines. Our experts will perform a deep inspection of your website and design ideal strategy for your business.

How does PPC management work and what contribution makes a PPC expert play in the success of online campaigns. It all starts with organization bidding on most popular search sites for keywords that are relevant to its website. Whenever person searches for that specific word, AD of your company’s website is showed to the enlightenment. You are charged only after when a customer clicks on your link and visits your website. Once the prospect reaches your site conversion can be taken care by the content of your site.

PPC Advertising services include:

  • Creating a PPC account
  • Making required changes in ad for good results and conversion rate
  • Crafting key words related to your business by PPC experts
  • Changing the position of ad as when required
  • Monitoring how many clicks your ad gets daily and out them how many of them are converting into your customers
  • Designing your ad in your budget by PPC ad expert and also maintaining your ad in your budget only
  • Creating an ad on your site that is attractive, pleasing to the eye and is an appropriate match with your offered product or service of your business
  • Making your pay per click campaign search engine friendly

We design the advertisements in such a way that the moment the prospective clients enter a keyword that is to do with your product or service on any search engine they are likely to be lured towards the product or service in the most enduring way that at the end of the day. Out team of experts simplify the PPC advertising style and concept with some value added services & techniques like segmentation of keywords, development of landing page, bid management and the likes.

We make sure that by using certain specific targeted keywords and utilizing segmentation, our PPC services would help you to create higher ROI against the budget that our clients have set for online advertisement.